122 Copper Tube is a striking material that doesn’t skimp out on utility. It is ductile, and can be bent into an array of shapes without the risk of cracking. It is well-known for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity – having approximately 8 times more thermal conductivity as aluminum tubes – and is a notable choice for air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, gas lines, wire connectors, oil lines, and heat exchanger tubes. However, copper’s most reputable quality is its superior strength and corrosion resistance. 122 copper tube resists mechanical and external damages, does not tarnish easily, retains its shine, and does not need to be replaced often. The reliability of the 122 guarantees a long service life no matter how intensive your projects may be.

Creating with Copper Tube

Copper is prized for its aesthetic value. The malleability and alluring rustic appearance of the round copper tube also makes it a popular choice for creating timeless accent pieces. Exposed copper tubing perfects the balance of being industrial yet warm and inviting. Its versatility is applied to jewelry, furniture, planters, centerpieces, light fixtures, sculptures and artwork. Copper tubing is often hidden away to be used for the metal’s remarkable qualities, it is becoming more apparent that copper tubing can be stylish as well as functional.

We’ve rounded up some – or a lot – of our favorite DIY and professional copper tube projects to inspire your creativity.

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