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OnlineMetals.com is happy to introduce Mirrored Stainless Steel to our inventory of over 20,000 Metal types, alloys, shapes and sizes!

Cloud Gate

“Cloud Gate” by Anish Kapoor is located in Millennium Park, Chicago Illinois. It is made of mirrored stainless plates, welded together and polished for its shine.

Whether it is used for a sculpture, a set of silverware, or decorative trim, Mirrored Stainless Steel is used around the world. It’s shining and durable properties make it a great material for sculptures. In comparison to a glass mirror, Mirrored Stainless Steel is incredibly strong and can be both TIG and MIG welded to create incredible designs.
Arristus Sculpture

“Arristus” by Bruce Beasley is a Mirrored Stainless Steel Sculpture in Woodside, California. With less glimmer and rigid edges, Arristus  pronounces on the California countryside.

Other than sculptures, OnlineMetals.com’s Mirrored Stainless Steel is often used in decorative edging and kitchen backslashes. Its strong corrosion resistance and easy to clean surface makes it a stunning decoration.
Mirrored Stainless Steel - OnlineMetals.com
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