Flowers are one of the most popular Mother’s Day presents but their beauty doesn’t last long. And if mom has allergies – forget it! This Mother’s Day try a fresh take on flowers for mom that will last a lifetime. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite floral inspired DIY metal projects. Our floral inspired DIY metal gift ideas are sure to impress with everlasting elegance. When she sees the work you put into making her gift, there will be no doubt to how much you care.

For these metal flowers you’ll probably need Copper Sheet, Stainless Sheet, Aluminum Sheet or Brass Sheet. And of course, has everything you could need to make your Mother’s Day present magical.

A fresh take on the traditional bouquet

Our Soft Annealed Copper Sheet is the perfect material to fold and form into a beautiful bouquet of copper roses. Get step by step instructions for the copper rose.

Fancy floral wall art

Aluminum sheet is affordable and works well for creating wall art with cutout floral designs. And for a more upscale look mom will be proud to hang try using brass, stainless steel or copper. Get step by step instructions for the metal flower cutout.

Gorgeous garden gates, jewelry & home

Let these metal flower ideas inspire you to create a unique floral inspired DIY metal gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. Gates and garden furniture with cold finished and hot roll steel. Make a splash with floating brass flowers for the pool or pond – for a more yellow gold look go for C260 brass sheet, which is now available in soft annealed as well. Our new muntz metal C280 brass sheet is know for it’s rich golden color and was actually invented to line the bottom of boats making it the perfect option for creations that float. and for wear resistance, strength and high corrosion resistance even in saltwater environments C464 naval brass is always a good choice. And for something mom can use inside and out, weathering steel candle holders are the perfect option. Weathering steel (also referred to as cor-ten) provides a rusted finish that can create a rustic look but has also been used more recently in modern designs. Find more beautiful gift ideas and inspiration using weathering and galvanized steel.

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