MTRs on Demand

Mill Test Reports are crucial to many of our customers. Traceability of their material and proof that it meets the specs claimed is often critical to project success. Online Metals has always proudly offered MTRs for most of our products at no cost, but now they are easier to access than ever!

Almost all of our materials come with MTRs free of charge. A few specialty items do require a fee for the tests. Typically this is limited to some of the industrial bronze alloys.

In order to help you stay organized and save you time, you can now access all of your MTRs in one space. Additionally, they are now always stored digitally on your account. Therefore you can access them whenever you need them, at any time of day.

If you have more questions about Mill Test Reports, check out our blog post on the topic, What Can MTRs Do For You?

Follow these three simple steps and you’ll have your MTRs in no time at all.

Step One

Log in and on the “Accounts & Lists” menu, select “Order History”


Step 2

Find the order you need the Material Test Reports for and select “Order Details”


Step Three

Finally, select the “View MTR” drop down tab and you can select the file you need from there!

If there are any MTRs you don’t see, our customer service team can provide availability or pricing if that’s required.

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