National Welding Month 2015

Many special events happen in the month of April. Between the numerous religious observations, the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the start of a new business quarter it can be easy to overlook niche celebrations for special interest groups. But, if you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance you’re gonna care about this particular observation, because April is officially National Welding Month 2015! (#nationalweldingmonth)
In 1996 the American Welding Society explained the reasoning for the National Welding Month proclamation as seeking to acknowledge that “welding is the secret ingredient that keeps today’s world together.” So, rather than just an opportunity for welders to pat each other on the backs over the excellent work they do, the event is designed to raise awareness in the larger community and to encourage education and support for the future of the field. (We’ll go ahead and do some back patting as well. Huzzah, welders!)
To move the industry forward it is useful to call to light the fact that welding works in many facets of our daily lives in an invisible way. From holding our toaster ovens together for breakfast, to crafting the bridges we drive over to work, to the buildings and furniture all around us during the day, it is the benefit of skilled welding crafts persons that keep our world “glued” together.
So, what can a person do to celebrate National Welding Month 2015? The American Welding Society has outlined “7 Things You Can Do For National Welding Month” on their blog, where you can see the entire list.
Here’s a few of our favorites!

  • Support Welding Programs for Veterans:

  • Organizations such as Wounded Warriors, with classes in Lincoln Park, Mich, and Workshops for Warriors, offer training in advanced manufacturing careers to veterans. Highlights of the programs include lodging and stipend for qualified applicants to attend the Wounded Warriors program, and a 100% job placement rate through the Workshops for Warriors program in San Diego!
  • Tell Students About Opportunities in Welding:

  • This is an easy one! It would be great to also be a mentor or begin an apprenticeship program, but if your time and resources are limited right now an easy way to start and support National Welding Month 2015 is to just sign up to participate in a local high school’s career day. Volunteer to get on a panel or attend a career fair as an ambassador of the industry. Be sure to provide brochures for local training programs and any scholarship programs you can find!

What’s a super easy way to get in the conversation? Tweet about your personal experience with #nationalweldingmonth.
There are more ways to support National Welding Month 2015, including getting involved with Boy Scouts and participating in their new Welding Merit Badge.
Other new ideas? We’d love to see some creative t-shirts and e-cards! What about the official “National Welding Month 2015 Mascot” or the official dessert sponsor – we’re thinking something like Flaming Bananas?  Send us your ideas or post them on Facebook and we’ll give them a rating!
If you’re an aspiring welder and need to learn some more about welding materials, check out our product guides for Steel and Alloy Steel.  And of course… Happy National Welding Month 2015!!!