National Welding Month 2016

April is the month in which we celebrate all the incredibly artistic and impressive welders of America. Welding and metalwork literally holds our nation together. Many technologies and professions have been crucial to human civilization. But it is welding has made it possible for mankind to create skyscrapers, automobiles, underwater pipelines, airplanes, and so much more. So let’s celebrate National Welding Month this year, 2016.

National Welding Month | Underwater Welding

Since its discovery in 1836, and modernization in 1880 by Nikolai N. Benardos, welding has has made the world a more efficient, interactive, and connected place. Over the next 100 years, Welding became commercialized and available to most industrial projects. Now into 2016, new developments in Laser Welding and Rotational welding continue to push the boundaries of creativity through metalworking.

national welding month

Chicago Cloud Gate, aka The Bean

Also important, welding has impacted the arts. It has changed the way we see and feel the elements of the world. From the magnitude of sculptures such as the Chicago Cloud Gate to the intricacies of fine metal Jewelry. Welding continues to shape the world in which we live. While the list of world changing projects goes on, it is in the month of April that we recognize the hardworking people who make these metal dreams a reality.

Metal Jewlery by Artist Ken Fenton

So this month, be sure to thank the friends, family members, or community members who weld, as April is National Welding Month.

So from Online Metals to any and all welders, thank you.