National Welding Month | Career Resources

Welding is an industry with an unusual predicament. Too many jobs and not enough workers! April is National Welding Month, and a great time to look at some resources that could help you in furthering a career in welding or inspiring others to do so.
Welding technology has changed dramatically in recent years. The introduction of lasers, robotics and computer aided machinery means that today’s welding work sites are often complex professional environments. There are many levels of roles available, from entry-level fabrication to engineering and other specialties. Welders today may be working anywhere from under the ocean to outer space!

Career Resources

If you are interested in exploring a potential career in welding during National Welding Month, a great place to start is at the American Welding Society web site. This organization can provide you with an inside look at the types of roles available if you are new. They also have information for professionals regarding trade shows, continuing education, competitions and conferences. See the list of events here >>
The web site also has a list of scholarships available to help with educational costs for vocational, community college and bachelor degree programs in welding.  Learn more here >>

Resources for Educators

During National Welding Month and beyond, the American Welding Society offers free resources to teachers who are working with welding programs in junior and high school levels. These science programs provide workshops focused on welding engineering. The guides offer hands-on learning and higher-order thinking exercises, as well as practical applications of the materials.
These free downloadable teacher’s guides are available at the American Welding Society web site >>