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Although National Welding Month came to a close at the end of April, we’re squeezing in a few more resources to help spread the word about this awesome craft. Whether you’re looking for a new career or an engaging hobby, welding offers a path of continually learning and the satisfaction of creating your own original works.

To help you explore this field we’ve been collecting resources in education and professional associations. This week we’ve also discovered a handy web site for newbies, and the more experienced, at WeldGuru.com. On this site we found useful descriptions of various processes such as brazing, cutting, and soldering. As well as descriptions of the various welding methods and tips for each of these methods.
Please note that this is a commercial web site with some stuff to sell, which is AOK, but there is also a lot of free information as well. Free resources on this site include video  tutorials, definitions of various methods, and trouble-shooting guides that can all help to further your practice. Also, don’t miss the WeldGuru safety tips, especially if you are a beginner and experimenting on your own.

We always recommend getting in-person instruction from a qualified teacher as the best way to get your hands on welding equipment to start off safe! This stuff does get hot!

For more resources about the various types of metals used in welding, check out our metals guides as well. Also, if you need help converting any measurements for your projects, book mark our conversion guide!

Would you like to know more?

We have a wide range of posts on welding. Whether you are looking to improve your skills in welding for fun or in a more professional manner, we can help! Check out some of our other posts about welding. We even have an entire series of posts all about how to weld different kinds of metals!

Also, we have these other handy Online Metals resources:

  • Product Guides – learn more about the individual metals you will be using
  • Melting Points of Metals – we have a chart here but also suggest you check out our blog post linked below.
  • Thickness Guide – Can’t remember what decimal point 43/64ths is? Maybe you can’t recall how thick 19 gauge brass is? Don’t worry, neither can we. Which is why we have this chart.

We hope these resources help you get on your way with a fantastic new hobby or career, and wish you happy welding!

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