6061 T4 Aluminum Sheet

6061 t4

New 6061 T4 sheet!

Just in – 6061 T4 sheet! It’s affordable, malleable, and has the benefits of other aluminum sheet.

Benefits of T4 vs T6

Aluminum 6061 sheet with T4 temper is similar to a T6 temper. Both have the same alloy composition and many physical properties. But they develop different mechanical properties as a result of different processing.

General features of aluminum 6061 include excellent joining characteristics and good acceptance of applied coatings. It combines relatively high strength, good workability, low weight, excellent weldability/brazability, and high resistance to corrosion.

T4 is…


More malleable


T6 is…

Slightly stronger

More Machinable

Use T4 if cost or malleability are your highest priorities, and you need a little less strength.


Check out this chart below comparing the various alloys and tempers of aluminum.

6061 t4

A = Excellent   B = Good   C = Fair   D = Poor

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6061 t4