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New Online Metals Blog Just Launched! Welcome!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Online Metals blog, The Metal Press. The blog has been redesigned from the ground up to provide you with an easier and more appealing experience, full of inspiration, for projects, useful tips and exciting new ideas!

Behind the name

The new Online Metals blog is called The Metal Press. We’ve chosen the name carefully, as it reflects what we do as well as our aspirations. Firstly, we’re striving to provide news about metal and materials. Also, mechanical presses, frequently made from metal or to press metal, have been critical throughout human history. Everything from wine, to gold, to heavy industrial components have been pressed by these tools, reliant upon metal.

What’s new?

The Metal Press will contain five categories. These are: New Products, Materials Talk, Community Stories, DIY Projects, and Contests+Events. All of these topics exist in the old blog in some form or another. But the new format is more intuitive and easier to navigate.

  • New Products: A focus on new materials that we are offering. Particularly, it includes articles about strengths of the various materials and suggestions for how they can be used.
  • Materials Talk:Information about various materials we already carry and useful product guides as well!
  • Community Stories: We’re particularly excited about this section, as it contains stories about you, and what you are making with the materials you get from us. We are constantly amazed by the things our community is creating and are excited to share those accomplishments with others. We hope to open up a dialogue with our community and help connect you with other like-minded individuals and continue to transform the world as we know it with your projects.
  • DIY Projects: A source for a variety of DIY projects that we believe best showcase our materials. While the community stories focus on your projects, this section will focus on research, in-house DIY, or other close friends of the Online Metals family we know you will enjoy. If you are a maker please reach out, send us pictures and please let us know what you find interesting. We love to hear from you and want to know if these projects are simple, useful, and easy to replicate.
  • Contests and Events: A showcase of the variety of events, contests and tradeshows we are hosting, participating in, or otherwise is of interest to our community.  One of the first contests to jumpstart this section will involve community pictures from your various projects using our materials. We’ll be rolling out an entire section for these, and want your help creating it!

Notice something else?

In addition to our new blog, we have recently launched a refresh of our website and updated our band look. Our aim is to provide you with the best experience and help you easily get the materials you need for your projects.


We’d love to hear from you! To provide feedback on our website, please take a moment to fill out our customer survey. If you have any immediate questions about our services, you can contact us here.


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Thanks for being a part of our community and we hope you enjoy the new experience.