Materials Talk Video Series

New Product Guide Videos!

There are countless types of metal, and enough information to fill volumes of books. But we know you don’t have time to memorize or read all of that. As such, we’re pleased to launch a new series of product guide videos! This new series is called Materials Talk.

Our goal with Materials Talk is to condense valuable data into quick videos that only take a few minutes to watch. We’re taking a deeper dive into the strengths and weaknesses of various types of metals. We hope to educate people and help them figure out the best material for their project.

The first product guide video in this new series is about Chromoly steel. This type of cold roll steel is used in everything from bikes, to roll cages and rifle barrels. Chromoly is one of the most common and popular choices in steel types.

You can find this video, along with all of our other ones, on our YouTube page. Subscribe, like, and all that other YouTube jazz to get more information. And please let us know what you’d like to see in future videos. We want to help you be a whiz with all of your metals!

Something you want to know about now? We have product guides for all of the materials that we carry. We’ve also got a Materials Talk section here on the Metalpress.