o temper aluminum

What does this mean? The O Temper “Soft Annealed” process is applied to wrought metals. It is a thermal treatment to reduce mechanical property levels to their minimums. O Temper metals are often described as “dead soft.”

Annealing reduces strength and hardness while increasing ductility. Therefore it is softer and more workable. O Temper metal can be cut, shaped and worked with ease. Plus, O Temper Aluminum is less expensive than heat treated and hardened Aluminum. And it can be heat treated to a range of hardnesses. This makes it a versatile and cost-efficient option for a variety of applications.

Once heat treated, this material is useful for any of the endless projects Aluminum is suited for!

Welding O Temper

Online Metals’ O Temper Aluminum inventory is great news for welders.
Many Aluminum alloys suffer weakening during the welding process and require post-weld heat treatment. Because of this, it often doesn’t make sense to buy the more expensive hardened tempers for welded fabrications.

Welding a piece in the O Temper and then heat treating the entire piece afterward can help reduce cost and ensure uniform strength of your welds.

Aluminum Alloys available in O Temper

1100 Bare
Also referred to as Commercially Pure Aluminum. O Temper 1100 is ideal for applications involving intricate forming. It has the highest thermal conductivity of any Aluminum alloy and excellent electrical conductivity. For these reasons, Aluminum Tape and Foil are often 1100 O Temper.

2024 Clad
2024 is an aerospace grade alloy. Engineers added copper to the aluminum alloy. This gives 2024 high strength and fatigue resistance. But it does make it more vulnerable to corrosion. This is where 2024 Clad comes in. The cladding, also known as “Alclad,” protects the underlying metal and gives it exceptional corrosion resistance. 2024 sheet is often used for aircraft skin because of its high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance.

6061 Bare
Referred to as structural aluminum, O-temper 6061 aluminum is the most versatile of the heat treatable aluminum alloys and an excellent choice for its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. O-temper or annealed aluminum 6061 sheet is easily fabricated, weldable using all methods and has good formability.

7075 Bare
7075 has a high zirconium and titanium composition. Because of this, it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. In fact, 7075 is one of the highest strength aluminum alloys. It is ideally suited for high-stress applications, and is the other aircraft grade aluminum.

7075 Clad
One of the only downsides of 7075 is its average corrosion resistance. But this is why, like 2024, it frequently has cladding.  This added protection provides exceptional corrosion resistance.

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