For some people, conventional skateboards just aren’t fast enough. Have you ever wanted to blast along at 35 MPH on a skateboard? If so, the people at Ollin Board Company have you covered.

Ollin is electrifying the skateboarding world by mounting high quality electric motors and batteries to their custom decks. With the use of a handheld controller, riders can reach blistering speeds on their electric skateboards.

Based in the interestingly named town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Ollin Board Co. specializes in handcrafted, high-quality electric longboards.

What started as a DIY Electric Skateboard project developed into a well-known brand. Driven by continual innovation, they have ridden into the growing Speedboarding market.

Built for Speed

Designed from the ground up, Ollin decks are a mixture of wood, high strength plastics, and aircraft grade aluminum.

With a single motor built into the bottom, these boards and can cruise at over 30 mph! A large battery is also slotted into a hidden compartment, giving them range and power.

The driving force behind Ollin is the motor, controlled by a remote. And for the DIY crowd they even offer a variety of motors and controllers to build your own personalized Speedboard.

Make sure to wear a helmet and safety gear!

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