OLM Father's Day Gift Guide

To help you decide on the best gift for the Dad in your life this year, we did a quick poll of the givers and receivers at OnlineMetals to find the top recommendations for you! Whether you need ideas for your dad, husband, uncle, or other guy who means a lot to you, there’s something on the list for every budget and every type of Dad.
Dads have spoken
“THE GARDEN GNOME” | PRICE: from $5 bucks to whatever you got!
This dad is always in the garden planting, pulling, tilling and mowing. Get him a gift card to your favorite local garden shop or home improvement store.
“FIX IT DADDY” | PRICE: $49.33
If there is ever a screw upside down, a bump or bulge in a sill, or a frame that could be tighter, this dad is on it! He needs a new set of drill bits like normal people need tooth brushes, and Black Oxide Jobber Drill Set has everything he needs to keep improving!
Numbers_Infographicv2-3“NOW HEAR THIS” | PRICE: $19.19 to $248.00
If your man of honor is really into audio then he wants a blue tooth sound system. Depending on the guy’s sophistication, you can get away with a portable device for under $20. But if you need serious sound, the #1 seller on Amazon in-home audio today is the Vizio sound bar for $248.
Numbers_Infographic4“FRESH FATHER” | PRICE: $36 – $495
If you know a new father who is a golfer, this is the gift for him, because…”even a bad round of golf beats changing dirty diapers.” If your local public course is any good you can get a round of golf including cart for $36. If Pebble Beach is your dad’s style, that will set you back $495 for a weekend round.
Numbers_Infographic5‘WANNABE WELDER MAN” | PRICE: $69.95
Everyone knows at least one man with the desire to set metal on fire! If acquiring all the gear, know-how and time to construct big metal stuff is a bit beyond dad’s reach, you can bet he’ll be happy to ply his skill with a Universal Soldering Gun Kit. Get him some project ideas at Instructables.
“NEEDS A LESSON DAD” | PRICE: No price is too high
If your dad has been very bad this year, you may want to consider the Armadillo Beer guard. Warning: This is only suitable for situations in need of extreme correction…


You don’t want to be the dad who gets this bad boy!