Online Metal Supply Shopping Made Easy

Online metal supply shopping shouldn’t be a hassle!  At we’re continuously working to improve the experience and help our customers get just what they need as efficiently as possible. Our newest feature, the “Recently Viewed” tab, is designed to ensure that your next experience is a snap!

bar-code-closupOnline Metal Supply Shopping Tools

Just what can you do with the new Recently Viewed tab? Well, there’s a few ways this snappy little app can help you get your job done more quickly!

  1. View items you have been researching the most – by default, when the “SMART SORT” button is “ON” the tab will show you the items the you’ve spent the most time looking at. You can click on the links and quickly jump back to those items to continue researching or or to complete your online metal supply purchase.
  2. View the most recently shopped items – if you turn the “SMART SORT” option to “OFF” your browsing history will change from showing the items you’ve spent the most time with, to showing the items you’ve viewed in chronological order. With the most recently viewed items at the top of your list.


  1. View items you have recently purchased – If the “SMART SORT” button is turned “ON” you can see the items you recently purchased AND looked at the most.
  2. View items you purchased in the past – If the “SMART SORT” button is turned “OFF” you can see your online metal supply purchases by time frame – sorted from today, The Last 30 Days and over 30 Days.

When you are done looking at your Recently Viewed and purchased items, simply click the left side of the tab to minimize the tool. If you wish to reset the settings click on the “Clear All History” link at the bottom of the tab. This will restart the monitoring of your browsing behavior so you can always make sure it is most relevant.
Our goal is to continuously offer more personal content and tools to make online metal supply shopping as easy as possible for you. We’d love to hear your feedback! User comments and suggestions can be submitted through our Customer Survey 24/7.
Try it for yourself!