Our Best Videos of 2020

Our Best Videos of 2020

Aren’t we all glad to see 2020 nearing a close?

Let’s celebrate the end of a crazy and wild year with some of our most engaging videos. Online Metals has undergone some growing pains and you, our customers have stood by us through it all. From our new company campaign “What Will You Make?” to new partnerships with Paperless Parts and their paperless viewer to quote and source your material faster 2020 has changed us.

We are proud of the brand 2020 has helped form, and even more excited for what is to come in 2021. Without further ado, here are our top videos of 2020:

#1 – What Will You Make?

Made just before the terribleness of 2020, “What Will You Make?” was our first full-scale effort in simply communicating our offerings and showing the personable/humorous side of an otherwise straightforward industry. This is by far our most successful video of all time and has had raving reviews like:

“This company makes THE BEST commercials ever.”  & “Never buying raw materials anywhere else ever again. Even though I have metal and plastic suppliers in town, never again.”

Our goal is to continue to expand our offerings and services so that your life as a maker, welder, fabricator, or even engineer can be a little less stressful. So, what will you make?

#2 – Guide to Understanding Steel

“The Guide to Understanding Steel” is a succinct yet info-packed addition to our Materials Talk series on YouTube. In this video, we take you through the acronym C.A.S.T. which stands for Carbon, Alloy, Stainless, and Tool Steel.

All of these steels have vastly different characteristics and uses and we breakdown those differences in what we believe to be the simplest fashion. What is your favorite steel to work with and why?

#3 – The Protobox Explained

The Protobox is one of our most underappreciated products and we made it a point in 2020 to bring light to these incredible mystery material boxes. This video walks you through the basic uses and intentions real metalworking professionals have when opening up a Protobox.

Protoboxes are available in 5 lbs., 10 lbs., and 20 lbs. package options, in brasscoppermild steelstainless steel, and plastic materials. What is your favorite benefit of The Protobox?

#4 – How The Viewer Works For You!

We’ve expanded our services and partners greatly in 2020, and one of the first pilots of our partner program is Paperless Parts.  Their Paperless Viewer is nothing short of amazing when it comes to expediting your material quoting process and accurately inspecting your part design. Reduce your team’s errors and clarify communications using their ITAR compliant cloud platform.

Have you tried out the Paperless Viewer yet? Get No-Obligation Membership for a Year, only from Online Metals!

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