First and foremost, we would love to thank all of our participants! We were overwhelmed with the responses for great holiday themed decorations and gifts from different paths of life! These creations are what make our jobs here at Online Metals worth it. Here are our Decoration Fabrication Contest winners!!!


Walt Marinkovits with his front yard Ferris Wheel Display

Ferris Wheel Lawn Lights
Walt has been a maker all of his life, and it truly shows through his great craftsmanship while building a small scale carnival of lights on his front lawn. He takes great joy in seeing the people that drive by and point, or the little kids that walk by with their parents and want to ride the rides. He continues to make this an annual tradition by adding a new piece every year.
You can see a video of the whole project here: Full Carnival Video


David Notch with his decorative Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree For Ornament
David’s entry centers around his family and a tradition that keeps them closer than ever during the holidays. Each day of December they add an ornament to their “Jesse Tree” that tells a piece of the story from Creation to Jesus’ birth. The tree is composed of solid 1018 CRS rounds stock, cut and TIG welded together. It is approximately 40″ tall and weighs over 30 pounds.

Melody Deets with her Boston Terrier Infinity Necklace

Boston Terrier Infinity Necklace
Melody’s Boston Terrier Infinity Necklace represents the unbreakable bond between girl and her dog. A perfect gift for any dog lover out there! The pendant is made of 1100 aluminum, is approximately 1.75″ wide and .75″ high, has a hammered finish, and is strung on a 16″ or 18″ stainless steel ball chain.

Reed Bowman with his modern style Tabard Menorah

Tabard Menorah
Reed and his father have designed several menorahs over the years and continue to master their craft. This menorah is composed of a flat bar, drilled with a step to hold menorah candles of varying sizes, sandwiched between two separate pieces, drilled, machined, hand-cut, and folded from sheet. Each part is patinaed with traditional and modern torch-technique patinas, and the three parts are joined with rivets so as not to damage the patinas.

Stephen Kirby with his Engraved Baroque Snowflake

Engraved Snowflake
Stephen based his design on the Baroque Snowflake by John Coulthart. The ornament is constructed from 6mm thick clear acrylic plastic and is 125mm high by 105mm wide. He was able to convert the Baroque Snowflake image into a vector image and used Vectric’s VCarve to convert the image into g-code for engraving with a CNC Router.

Eli Dicken with his Randolph the Robot Reindeer

Randolph the Robot Reindeer 1
Eli created a reindeer out of 800+ components including surplus industrial finds, up-cycled parts, and many bolts, nuts, and washers of all kinds. Randolph weighs about 3 1/2 lbs, about 10 inches tall, and about 16 or so inches long.
All of Randolph’s joints are pose-able and tension is adjustable to achieve desired results. The sculpture has 29 different points of articulation, 8 of which are custom made ball joints. All construction is mechanical – no glues, welds, solders, or the like were used. All pieces are screwed, tapped, pressed, pinned, etc.

Thank you again for submitting your projects and continue to share your maker stories with us! Although only the grand prize winner is receiving a 3D printer, our new 3D printer supplies are available to everyone under our “Tools and Supplies” section. Happy Holidays!!!
Your friends at Online Metals

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