Passing the Torch – Seattle Metals Guild

Passing the Torch

Proof of Life  – Lindsey Redmond  – Honorable Mention

This past spring, “Passing the Torch,” an event held by the Seattle Metals Guild, celebrated its 9th annual metalworking competition between young local high school metalworkers.
Metalwork created under three categories by high school students of some 90 surrounding high schools were judged by professional artists in the greater Seattle area. The intention of the program is to inspire students with the wonders and uniqueness of metalworking and it has done exactly that.   

Online Metals had the pleasure of working with the Seattle Metals Guild during this past spring for the 2015  competition. We are inspired and extremely impressed by the works of young metalworkers of the greater Seattle area. To see more incredible metal creations from the young metalworkers of Seattle, see more here.
In a generation where metalworking seems to be difficult or foreign, the Seattle Metals Guild has proven through many students the possibilities of metal work and creation.
Selected items from the competition were placed on display for the general public at the Washington Conventions Center between April and May 2015 and are available online at
Passing the Torch - Seattle Metals Guild