Pro Tip: Hot Rod Days Ahead

With the weather getting warmer the roads are getting more friendly to hot rods!  Time to roll the Rat Rod back out of the garage and see what needs to be done!

A366/1008 mild steel sheet project

Rat Rod… “As-is” Scroll to bottom for the “After” results!

Restoring a project car can take you from the inside-out, and the ground-up. If you’re ready to work on the body of your vehicle and it needs “a few touch-ups,” you may need to do more than pull a few dents or buff out blemishes.
For body work that requires repairing and shaping body panels or replacing and patching floor plans, our metal shop pros recommend working with A366/1008 mild steel sheet. This steel sheet is easily welded and small pieces are great for patch panels.
A366/1008 mild steel sheet patch project auto restoration

Patch panel made of A366/1008 Mild Steel Sheet on Rat Rod restoration.

With our fully stocked small quantity product offerings, sheet sizes start at just 12″ x 12″ and go up to 36″ x 48″. Thickness ranges from 14 GA to 24 GA. See the full selection here >>
So, with a few patches and a little loving care, your Rat Rod can be show-ready by the time summer really heats-up!
A366/1008 mild steel sheet patch project auto restoration

Final results of Rat Rod project seen above! (Courtesy of Jason Bear, OnlineMetals team member)