What is a Protobox?

Simple! Protoboxes are a mystery grab box containing a mixture of different sizes and shapes of the material you pick.

We have them available in aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel, stainless steeland plastic!

Don’t just take our word for it, listen so some of the creative makers out there are saying in our quick video:

Why choose a Protobox?

They provide an inexpensive way to get numerous different metals in different sizes and shapes. Protoboxes consist of all new material, not scrap, so you can count on the quality of your mystery bag. This is why they’ve been a popular product for years!


Are you building a prototype and only need a few odds and ends? Looking to avoid the price of paying for custom cut sizes? The Protobox is here for YOU!


Just purchase a new tool or machine and want to test its ability? Want to try working with a lot of different materials without breaking the bank? Look no further than the humble Protobox!


Trying to teach the amazing craft of metalworking to somebody? Searching for random materials to provide variety at a low price for your student? Are you the student and want to avoid shelling out a lot on a piece you may chew up? The Protobox will never judge and knows that practice makes perfect!


Got that artistic itch and need some random materials of stock to scratch it? Your steadfast friend, the Protobox, can’t wait to see your work in a gallery someday!

What material do you want for your Protobox?

Aluminum – Our most popular option, this stuff is light, easy to work with, and extremely inexpensive. Our customers love to use it for prototyping in particular or mock-ups.

Brass – All of the copper alloys have gotten more expensive over the last few years. This is the cheapest way to get a lot of different options!

Copper – Jewelry makers and coppersmiths love this option. Whether they need just a tiny piece or something to practice with, this is their go-to.

Mild Steel – Another choice that’s particularly popular for prototyping due to the staggeringly low cost.

Stainless Steel – Customers have told us that they especially love this one to provide material for welding classes and machining classes.

Plastic – Not sure what kind of plastic to use? You can try out a number of options at low cost here!

Let us know what cool stuff you do with your Protobox! We’re always happy to hear.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have questions about welding these materials? We have an entire series on that! Check out our guides on the weldability of aluminum, copper alloys, steel, or stainless steel.

If you have more general questions about aluminum, steel, or stainless, we have guides and videos for those too!

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