Pumpkin Carving Ideas with Metal

Are you still looking for some Halloween pumpkin carving ideas? We have just the DIY inspiration you need. And, of course, it involves ingenious ways to use metal scraps you may have hanging about the shop.
The OnlineMetals Seattle team gathered last week to come up with spontaneous pumpkin carving ideas, using a box of random metal and plastic scraps. This short video outlines our pumpkin carving process and illustrates how we brought the ideas to life! For more information about the materials used, check out the featured materials listed below. Hope you enjoy the show!

Pumpkin Carving Ideas – Material Reference


Pumpkin Carving Idea: Use metal wire as “stitches”

  •  Frankenstein Stitches: Cut short pieces of copper wire, or very thin rod that is bendable, and form into U-shapes. Cut one long piece of wire to represent the length of the stitched flesh (also with u-shaped ends). Press each piece into the pumpkin. End result is the appearance that stitches go all the way through in a loop. But it’s much easier this way! This pumpkin carving idea can be used for a variety of effects. Try a face stitch, or a super creepy “sewn mouth” effect!



Pumpkin Carving Idea: Use bent Thin Rod for geometric movable jaw and Perforated Sheet for interior effects

  • Movable Geometric “Jaw”: Using a vice to hold thin rod, hammer rod into desired pattern with a rubber mallet. Patterns such as a “flat tooth” in our example or a “zig-zag” can easily be formed this way. At each end of your jaw, leave enough wire to bend into a hinge that can be inserted into the pumpkin to attach it to the face. Our example uses Copper Round Rod, but Aluminum Round Rod or other material you have left over could also be used.



Pumpkin Carving Idea: Steam Punk Eye, Sewn Mouth, and Wire People

  • Wire Men: These guys are great for accessorizing your pumpkin carving ideas. They can be attached to the pumpkin, or put inside! Working with a spool, or very long length of wire, begin by fashioning a “man” shape out of one continuous piece of wire. Begin with one foot, moving up to the torso and head, then double back to create shoulders, arms and second leg. Next, to give your person some mass, wrap the wire around the frame by spiraling around the original structure. Continue spiral wrapping with one continuous piece of wire until desired thickness of each body part is achieved. Try and position your person in the general stance you will want him/her to hold as you go. Fine tuning, such as moving arms and legs can still be done when you have achieved the desired form. Additional “accessories,” such as pony tails, hats or objects in hand can be made as separate pieces and attached by wrapping ends into the person.


  • Grill Mouth: For a super easy metal addition to your pumpkin carving idea, add a small piece of perforated sheet to the inside of your pumpkin and give your jack-o-lantern a quick menace! This material could also be added inside the eye sockets for a great effect.



Pumpkin Carving Idea: Metal eyes and curled flat bar mustache

  • Robot Eyes: To give your carved pumpkin futuristic robot eyes, simply insert small scraps of rectangle tube, square tube, or round tube into an eye socket, carved just slightly smaller than the OUTSIDE DIAMETER of your scrap tube. This will hold the shape firmly in place. To add to the effect, cut a piece of stiff reflective plastic sheet (we used left over monitor privacy film) to the same size as the INSIDE DIAMETER of your tube and push the plastic piece into the tube. This can also be secured in place with strong glue. The effect will be a colored eye once the candle is placed inside.


  • Extrusions & Patches: If your pumpkin carving ideas call for gory effects, there’s no limit to the decorative possibilities with scrap metal. Try simply inserting scrap saw blades into the gourd for fearsome wounds. Or even an array of short rods can produce a “Hell Raiser” effect. Thin sheets of copper scrap or steel can also be attached using the same method as noted with the “stitches” above – simply puncture the sheets then “pin” it to the pumpkin with a staple made of thin, bendable rod or wire.



Pumpkin Carving Ideas: “Weaving” old saw blades through non-carved pumpkin

P.S. When the big holiday is done and all the Halloween tricks are put away, don’t forget to reclaim your scraps from the pumpkin and put them in the recycling!