Robots and race cars

These two things typically have two main things in common.

  1. They are made from metal & plastic
  2. Students love to experiment and learn about engineering by making them!

Learning about practical math and fabrication takes on a whole new meaning when robots and race cars are involved. Students get to put their knowledge to the test on a racetrack or sport court. Fortunately, a growing number of student organizations from high schools to universities offer opportunities for young people to get involved with a robotics or racing team.

Because of this, we’ve got some great teams that we follow. Also, we get to provide material for these teams. We’re glad that Online Metals is able to help by providing materials needed to make these dreams a reality!

As we often say in the office, makers make our job!

Our favorites to watch!

Check-out some of these exciting designs coming out of schools that we follow. University of Washington, Oregon State University, Villanova University, and Mount Lake Terrace High School are some of our favorites!

Race Cars…

UW Formula SAE Team

race cars

Always ready for the upcoming season, they have new plans and parts to be made! The team presents their works at the PSEC engineering fair and inspires attendees with their impressive vehicle.  To see more of the team’s photos, visit their Facebook page

OSU Formula SAE Team

race cars

Coming with a strong reputation, OSU won first place at numerous competitions in 2010-2015. Also, they partner with Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemburg-Ravensburg. Because of this, they race under the name Global Formula Racing (GFR). Check out their Facebook page to see what cool things they are working with now!

Also, the author of this post is an OSU alum. Go Beavs!

race cars

Villanova FSAE Team

Another college team we follow! This team also exhibits at the Philadelphia auto show. They are often at events but make time for some brilliant machining as well. Despite some underwhelming initial performances, the team is always improving and learning from past mistakes. We look forward to hearing more about upcoming races and keeping track of the team’s placement. To keep up with the Villanova FSAE team, follow them on Facebook.

… and robots!

The Mountlake Terrace High School FIRST Robotics Team 1778

A local team near our Seattle headquarters. They have won over 20 awards in their 10+ years of helping kids learn!

If you don’t know about FIRST, you should really check it out. Every year FIRST hosts a different competition with a different game and objective. The teams rush to build their robots that fit within restrictions and complete the objectives. Finally, the teams come together and play the game! It’s great fun and a wonderful learning opportunity for kids.

race cars

Villanova wheel upright tripod-insert

All of these teams are made possible by donations of materials suppliers and dedicated mentors to help the students along the way.  We want to say thanks to the advisers and sponsors who help these students learn, discover and grow through engineering!

Do your part!

University Formula SAE teams and high school FIRST teams are always on a tight budget. Therefore, they can always use your help with donations or sponsorships. Even if you don’t own a business, you can still help! For example, FIRST teams almost always need mentors in addition to material or monetary donations.

Further, thanks again to everybody who makes these teams work. Beyond helping businesses such as ours, you are helping people learn. Whether high school or college students, they are learning how to better themselves and the world we all live in.

Finally, we wish all of these teams the greatest success in these and future endeavors!