Seattle Maker Faire Video Mashup

If you’re a Seattle Maker, chances are you were at the 2015 Seattle Mini Maker Faire at EMP just a couple weekends ago. If you missed the event and want to find out what all the fuss was about, (or if you just want to re-live the thrills!) check out our video mashup of all the festivities!

Every Seattle Maker at the event contributed something unique to the showcase.  Some were there to show off personal DIY projects, and others had budding ideas for small businesses and start-up ventures. Just next door to our booth a start-up even got itself fully funded on Kick-starter during the event!
While there was a heavy emphasis on electronics and robotics in the indoor exhibits, the outdoor space hosted a range of Seattle Maker concepts from musicians to toy makers and community groups.  Indoors were major sponsors, including Microsoft, who was exposing it’s Maker Garage. This station offered experiments in virtual reality and DIY battle bot kits operated with X-box controllers.
Other interesting Seattle Maker exhibits at the event included a display representing the collective called Seattle Made. This is a cooperative of businesses making things in Seattle, with products ranging from food products and liquor to clothing and home gadgets.

Seattle Maker Booth –

online-metals-seattle-maker-faire-boothAs a sponsor of this event, was happy to support this gathering of the community. It was great to meet so many inventive kids and adults at our booth. If you are a Seattle Maker looking for materials to use in projects, we’re happy to offer more than 50,000 maker materials, with no minimums! We’ve got plastics and aluminum for your robotics, and steel for your industrial designs. Plus so much more!
We hope you enjoy the event video and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!