New Soft Annealed C260 Brass Sheet

We’re pleased to announce that this is now available at Online Metals! Soft annealed brass sheet 260 is extremely versatile and commonly used in a variety of industries for a vast array of projects.

Cartridge Brass

260 Brass ( also known as c260 or C26000) is also known as Cartridge Brass. This highly versatile metal enjoys a reputation as the workhorse of the copper alloys. Brass 260 has the highest ductility in the yellow brass series giving it the ability to accommodate severe forming and drawing. Cartridge brass can be easily machined and has an excellent rating for cold working, soldering, and brazing.

260 is one of the most common brass alloys used for sheet. If you order sheet without specifying the alloy, odds are extremely good that you will receive alloy C26000 Cartridge Brass.

As the nickname indicates, this brass originally became popular because it was and continues to be commonly used to make the brass casings for bullets.

Soft Anneal

What makes this new 260 brass sheet special is its temper designation – Soft Annealed (O).

Annealed Tempers are also known as O-Temper. This extremely soft temper condition is produced by annealing to meet mechanical property requirements. The annealed condition O or Soft Anneal increases the ductility and reduces hardness, making this sheet softer and more workable. The more malleable condition of this sheet allows you to bend, shape, and hammer the surface with less risk of breakage or cracking – which is a big plus when you are cold working this material.


Typical uses for 260 brass sheet and plate include architectural, electrical, fasteners, consumer, ordnance projects, fittings, hinges, nameplates, brackets, musical instruments, ammunition casings, art, and more. Here are some of our favorite examples of what you can do with a brass sheet to spark your imagination.

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