Start-up Metal Fabrication Shop

Seattle is the place for start-ups. In fact, a recent article in ranked Seattle #4 out of the top 10 best places to start a small business. Small businesses and start-ups come in any form that an entrepreneur may conceive. If your’re thinking about a start-up metal fabrication shop, we’ve got some inspiration for you!
In this short video we introduce you to one of OnlineMetal‘s unique customers, Cyclefab, LLC. This start-up metal fabrication shop let us inside their world to film the workings, and shared their story of growing from friends with a hobby to thriving business partners.

If you’re already familiar with Cyclefab, it’s likely that you heard about their work on bicycles. The machine shop is famous in the Seattle bicycling blogospere for its unique inventions and metalworking skill. In addition to working on custom bike fabrications and metalworking, they also build accessories.


Custom Bike Delivery Rack

Many of the accessories manurfactured at Cyclefab are geared toward turning your pedal powered creation into a work horse! This includes the “Cycletruck Conversion” and the “Cycletruck Kit.” The Conversion modifies your current bike frame, and the Kit simply clamps on to your current frame. Additional bike accessories include hands-free stands and industrial sized trailers. Additional information on these products can be found at

Bike Trailer for Hauling Large Cargo

In addition to the bicycle work, this start-up metal fabrication shop also works on projects for other businesses and individuals that need custom machining. As the shop has grown over time they’ve added equipment that allows them to efficiently produce custom machined parts on a scale appropriate to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Due to the unique skills of each of the team members they are able to make tools and machines as needed to produce a large range of custom work.
To learn more about Cyclefab, visit their business page on Facebook or look for the next open house at Equinox Studios in south Seattle, where the shop is located.