Summer 2014: The 9 Now Picks in Plastics

Just in time to refresh your ideas for summer projects! Here’s the 9 Now Plastics, chosen by our in-house plastics expert as the must-try materials for machining, structural and marine projects.
With small pieces cut-to-size it’s easy to practice working with these materials.  So, get experimenting!plastic-sheet-rod-cut-to-size

  1. HDPE Marine Board: Stocked in 3 colors
  2. UHMW Sheet: Inexpensive, yet durable & slippery too!
  3. Lighting White Acrylic Sheet: 40% light transmission
  4. PVC Sheet: corrosion resistant to the max!
  5. Polypropylene sheet: Available in natural & black
  6. HDPE Cutting Board: Get it in 3 gauges
  7. Polycarbonate Clear Sheets: Nearly unbreakable!
  8. GPO3: UL rated insulating material
  9. Nylatron GSM: Great for wear pads and gears

We currently have 75 different grades of plastic in stock. Any of these plastics can be cut-to-size, with no minimum order at a low…low price!
If you try something new, send us a pic and let us know how your summer projects are going!