Summer Events for Makers

Summer is in high swing and it’s time to get outside and re-explore the world! Thanks to the organizers of Maker Faires, there’s no shortage of special events to attend for those of us into fabricating, making and creating.
Summer events for makers big and small are popping up all over the globe. If you’ve been waiting for one to come your town, take a look at the entire list of upcoming venues because there might be a new one tomorrow!
As the motto of this event implies, you’re about to see the “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth!” Installations are designed to be forward looking, offering summer events for makers that are curious about what’s new and next. These events are largely driven by a tech influenced DIY movement. The showcases feature experiments in art, science and crafts.
Many of these summer events for Makers are sponsored by the Maker Faire organization, but even more are popping up as community driven productions. These small community events are known as “Mini Maker Faires”.

Summer Events For Makers

To find all of the events world-wide, visit the map of Maker Faires Around the World. Here is a quick list of several of the summer events for Makers that might be near you! Visit the event websites for info on attending or for presenting.

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