Fifteen Puzzle

Don Seeley, artist and long time customer of ours, decided to take the classic Fifteen puzzle stocking stuffer and remake it with beautiful metal and stone.

Metal in the Kitchen

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Using metal in the kitchen can add a stunning elegance, sleek modern sophistication,…

The Future of Metals | Brass

Where does brass originate from? What will the future of metals look like? Ancient metals of the earth played an integral role…

Custom Metal Signage Using Soldered Brass (Video)

Custom Metal Signage at Seattle's Hot Cakes Bakery - Soldered Brass Angle Using retro-inspired elements along with some…
diy brass coasters

Easy DIY Brass Coasters

DIY Brass Coasters Simple brass accessories never go out of style. In its simplest form, the metal provides a solid and…
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Illuminating Metal Design - Style Forward Lighting

Since ancient times, when craftsmen hammered alloys into functional and beautiful forms, humans have turned to metal to fashion…
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Metals in the Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Come see me ramble about the timeless movie, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, and put way too much thought into how much a golden idol head weighs.