Guitars by John Page

We're proud to say that John Page Guitars makes some amazing custom guitars using our metals. Check out some of his projects!
diy brass coasters

Easy DIY Brass Coasters

DIY Brass Coasters Simple brass accessories never go out of style. In its simplest form, the metal provides a solid and…
galvanized steel planters

Trend To Try: DIY Galvanized Planters

why not create a lively, attractive outdoor space with the simple addition of galvanized steel planters?

DIY Copper Countertop

The DIY Copper Countertop is classic and beloved. Get tips and advice on how to make your own and see what our customers have done for theirs!

A Great Steampunk Christmas Present!

In tribute to the late Jim Wilson, one of our favorite customers, we're posting about an amazing steampunk flashlight that he made for his daughter.

Celebration in Blue

Jeff made a sculpture, Celebration in Blue, that stands in Wenatchee, Washington. Check out some art in the real world made possible by Online Metals!

Better Mousetrap

Our customers used our metal to build a next generation better mousetrap! Check it out!
flying merkel

Oil Valve for a Flying Merkel...

A customer restoring a 1915 Flying Merkel motorcycle brought in a part he made using our metal to show off his work!