DIY Acid Etching

DIY Acid Etching is an art style that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. But one of the best parts about the process is that it can be used in a variety of different styles. Printing plates, decorative plates, jewelry, and knife blades are all popular items to etch.

Garden Art with Copper - Trends to Try

A couple of the people in the office are true gardening fanatics. And a big part of their love is the customization allowed by garden art.

DIY Pottery Barn Metal Chess Set

A chess set not only is a invite to challenge your strategy skills against a worthy opponent, it also can be a interesting,…

Metal Themed Halloween Decor

INSPIRING A METAL THEMED HALLOWEEN Halloween is near and we’ve been feeling inspired to create metal themed Halloween…

Elements of Ingenuity | Ollin Board Company

Employing Elements of Ingenuity from Online Metals, Ollin Board Company is electrifying the boarding world. Online Metals'…

Make A Custom Billet Grille For Your RV With Expanded Metal

When it comes to quality aftermarket car and RV grilles (often spelled “grill”), it’s common to hear the phrase “You…

DIY Copper Wreath

A highly versatile design, this DIY Copper Wreath is simple and can fit any fall or winter aesthetic. Show off your crafty side in five steps!
diy rustic desk

DIY Brass Patina

While the natural gold of brass is known to be bold and sharp, the elegant and mysterious blues, greens and textures of brass…
diy rustic desk

DIY Rustic Desk