Tailgate Tip Tuesday

Tailgating Tips Tuesday – Pick-up Truck and Table

Tuesday Tailgating TipsGet ready for weekly Tuesday Tailgating Tips brought to you by OnlineMetals and featuring your tailgate tip submissions. This week’s submission comes from Edward of Ohio who proudly supports the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I have a pick-up truck for tailgating and have a 3/4″ 4×8 sheet of plywood (transported in the bed of the pickup) that I roll out (with one of the 4′ ends resting on the tailgate) and put work-horse supports underneath for supports.

The plywood is painted with the OSU logo and clear coated to protect the surface and give it a very nice finish. I carry folding chairs for those who want to sit around the table and the table holds all the food and drinks.

The length of the table is adjusted as needed by pulling out as much as is needed. I have a portable awning over the table for shade or rain protection with netting to keep the flies away from the food. The grill is positioned wherever room is available.

Go Bucks!

Send your awesome Tailgating Tips just like Edwards and you could win a professionally fabricated BBQ Tailgating Grill. Stay tuned for more Tuesday Tailgating Tips this next week!
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