The Neighborhood Steel Mill

Most residents in the urban metropolis of Seattle get through town on the daily without realizing that there’s a steel mill nestled in the heart of the intersection of the Duwamish waterway and Elliott Bay. Just underneath the West Seattle bridge Nucor steel is pumping away 24/7, rolling out hot rolled steel billets and shapes.
This facility is the only one operated by Nucor in the state of Washington, and has been in its neighborhood for over a hundred years producing American steel – well before the techies and gourmet coffee emerged, but equally ingenious! What keeps this company around and competing successfully for so long is its seeming ability to constantly adapt and use technology to make a thousands-of-years-old industry relevant and vital in today’s world.
One lucky OnlineMetals team member recently got to take a tour of the facility and reports back that the dedication to efficiency by the company and every team member is indeed a marvel!  Of the amazing facts about the urban Nucor Steel plant, here are a few that stand out and may astound you as well:

  • Good urban neighborliness rating – the plant implements noise reduction programs to keep residential neighbors happy 
  • Nearly zero waste production – even dust from the furnace (mainly zinc) is collected and sold; Slag is sold to be part of asphalt
  • Zero water run-off – cooling & dust reduction water is treated & re-used inside the plant
  • Seattle mill is the largest recycler in the state and Nucor is largest recycler in the country
  • Recycled materials are picked up by a ginormous (industry term) magnet and dumped into the 3,000 degrees furnaces

Wanna see how it works? View a great photo tour done by Seattle Times photographer Mike Siegel >>
We’re happy to have Nucor in the neighborhood (and don’t mind the $154 billion in gross revenues per year that Washington manufacturing companies contribute to the economy either.) For more information about Nucor, visit the company web site or check-out this recent article from the Seattle Times.
Want to see the finished steel mill product? Check-out our selection of hot roll steel.