mini maker faire

Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

seattle mini maker faire

Seattle Mini Maker Faire Retrospective

It is hard to believe, but one week has passed since the Seattle Mini Maker Faire. As seen in the following pictures, this year’s Seattle Mini Maker Faire showcased all kinds of creation, experiments, prototypes and ingenuity. If you’re not familiar with the Maker Faire movement, check out here for an explanation of this fantastic movement!

seattle mini maker faire

The Couch Squad

From remote control couches and metal model boa constrictors, to methods of renewable energy, 3D printing and prosthetic advancements, the Maker Faire offers a home to all kinds of creators. Most makers are strong believers of the “If you can dream it, you can do it”. This makes the Maker Faire events magical, educational, and very entertaining experiences.

seattle mini maker faire
While many tables and presentations revolved around emerging technologies and advanced methods of fabrication, some incredible metal workers represented old school metal fabrication. These folks gave live demonstrations of fabrication. And it was an amazing process to watch!

seattle mini maker faire

*Insert Wilhelm Scream*

At Online Metals, we proudly showcased our newly fabricated metal Robot Toss Game! The game was a major hit and lots of fun, but its a lot harder than you think!
We also introduced Lenz’s Law to every interested visitor. Lenz’s Law explains how magnets obey both Newton’s Third Law and the conservation of energy. We showed it off by dropping magnets through different materials and observing how they were affected.

seattle mini maker faire

The kid on the right looks like he has more questions.

The Seattle Mini Maker Faire was a success and an incredible time for makers of all kinds. If you didn’t make it this year, the Seattle Mini Maker Faire will return next fall! Thank you to the MoPop, Penny University and all of the makers who attended. Online Metals had a wonderful experience and we cannot wait until next year!