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The Sky is the Limit In Metal Working

Working with an especially diverse set of customers here at OnlineMetals, it’s astonishing to see the immense variety of backgrounds, and the incredible creativity our customers design with our products and with our sister companies.
Here is a glimpse of the diverse people we work with.

Collegiate Formula SAE competitions are all over the world. The automotive young minds of the world are dedicated to creating the fastest and most sustainable automobiles. OnlineMetals has the pleasure of providing lightweight yet strong materials to the Formula SAE teams at the University of Washington and Villanova University.
Villanova Wheel Structure

Villanova University Formula SAE Wheel Structure made with Hot Rolled Mild Steel from Online Metals

Dutch Artist Allard van Hoorn created a unique combination of metal working with a modern pixelated tile mosaic titled “Sunsets”. Using color coated aluminium panels from OnlineMetals, van Hoorn creates an intentional and thought-provoking message through this powerful work. This is one fantastic example of the many art productions made with Online Metal products.
Allard van Hoorn Pixlated Artwork

Allard van Hoorn’s “Sunsets” created with                             Aluminum Panels from OnlineMetals

Marking 12 years after the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City, the One World Trade Center was crowned with a 14,000 lb. stainless steel crown made of steel plates from Ken-Mac Metals of Cleveland Ohio, sister company of Online Metals and division of ThyssenKrupp Material Services. While this addition completes the 1776 foot building, it also commemorates the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as it neighbors the memorial sites. Online Metals is proud to be a sister company to Ken-Mac Metals and their contribution to the symbolic New York Skyscraper.
World Trade Center Spire created from Ken-Mac Metals- Sister Company to Online Metals

World Trade Center Spire created from Ken-Mac Metals- Sister Company to Online Metals