Create Custom Metal Fabrication Magic with Hot Rolled Steel

New Thicker Plate - Hot Roll Plate
Due to popular demand, OnlineMetals is now offering a larger variety of Thick Hot Rolled Steel. Because of it’s strong properties and reliability, Hot Rolled Steel Plate offers the best of both worlds when it comes to architectural and structural capabilities. More and more, as industrial themed style grips the 21st century architecture, companies around the world are now using these rugged materials to market themselves.

Roast Sandwhich Company Industrial Steel Sign

Roast Sandwhich Company’s Industrial Steel Sign

Metal signage is both simplistic and chic, while maintaining practicality and unbeatable strength. To create these signs, designers will generally work with 1″ Hot Rolled Mild A36 sheet. Using a plasma cutter or CNC fabrication, these signs can be designed with intense precision and creativity. Hot Roll Steel Signs Hot Rolled Steel isn’t limited to sign creation, despite its popularity. In fact, Metal sign fabrication and CNC Sign fabrication is only the tip of the iceberg. More and more creators have incorporated hot rolled steel into sturdy and stylish living room furniture pieces, sculptures and more. The possibilities with Hot Roll Plate are endless, and that is why we are excited to offer new sizes and thicknesses for new creations!
Hot Rolled Steel Tables

Hot Rolled Steel Tables as featured by Style Garage