Top Ten Tailgate Tips

Top Ten Tailgate Tips – Tailgate Tuesday

Top Ten Tailgate Tips
After a month of quality football, food and friends, OnlineMetals has compiled our favorite submissions from people all around the country. Here are the Top Ten Tailgate Tips from

  1. The Big Three Rules of Tailgating – Doc of Montana
    1) Location-If at a parking lot remember to check on the legalities first. It’s not very fun to end with a fine!2) People– Whether you like it with family or like it with friends or both. Give them a weeks notice at least and no more than 2 weeks or you’ll loose the spontaneity and they’ll forget anyway. Text friends the day before.3) Food– I prefer Rib-eye steak, with a good dose of Salt, Garlic, Pepper and that dash of Basil then smear with butter after it’s seared and as it cooks. I prefer a pot-luck as well as it get everyone involved and committed.|
  2. Beer Lights – Marv of North Carolina 
    Install a battery operated motion detecting light to the lid on the inside of your cooler. Swipe it when you open the cooler lid to light it up, and swipe your hand past it before you close to shut her down. No more sticking your hand in the ice blindly at night hoping to pull out a chilly beer, only to find you’ve cracked a RC Cola!Lidup Cooler
  3.  Glorious Grilled Peaches – Kelly of Washington StateGrilled Peaches - Tailgate Tuesday
    Grilled peaches with cinnamon and sugar butter and served with vanilla ice cream

  4. Space Saver –  Dean of Kansas and Gladimir of Florida
    My best practical space saver tip is to freeze water bottles to use in place of ice in coolers. It serves it’s purpose to keep it all cool but then is a needed beverage on the way home.When tailgating, instead of using ice to cool your beverages, use frozen water bottles. The bottles cool the other drinks in the cooler, and when you want to have the water, they are frozen and cold. No separate ice to worry about, and your drinks will be cold.
  5. The Golden Grill Rule – Savvy of Kansas
    No matter what else you do with a grill always remember one rule, the first rule in grilling and smoking meats…. “Looking ain’t cooking”. So stop peaking! 🙂
    Happy grilling/smoking everybody!Grill Image
    Beer Bottle Remedies – Eric of VirginiaStrike Plate
  6. When you realize you forgot your bottle opener, use your car door’s latch strike to get the top off!
  7. The Ultimate Tailgate Truck – Edward of Ohio
    I have a pick-up truck for tailgating and have a 3/4″ 4×8 sheet of plywood (transported in the bed of the pickup) that I roll out (with one of the 4′ ends resting on the tailgate) and put work-horse supports underneath for supports.The plywood is painted with the OSU logo and clear coated to protect the surface and give it a very nice finish. I carry folding chairs for those who want to sit around the table and the table holds all the food and drinks.The length of the table is adjusted as needed by pulling out as much as is needed. I have a portable awning over the table for shade or rain protection with netting to keep the flies away from the food. The grill is positioned wherever room is available.Go Bucks!
  8. Super Chiller for Super Foods – Deanna of Illinois
    Use dry ice when packing your cooler.  Pack the things you want to stay frozen or the coldest at the bottom of the cooler and condiments and drinks towards the top.  It keeps the perfect temperature in different zones of the cooler.
  9. Potato Wedges for the Win
    Par boil baked potato and make 1/2″ slices. Slice a sweet onion and add a slice to each cut then put 3 pats of butter and salt and pepper then double wrap in foil. When you get there fire up the charcoal grill and put the potatoes in the coals. Will be ready in 1/2 hour. Open and sprinkle with bacon bits!
  10. Jagfan’s Tasty Burgers – Jag Fan of Florida
  • Ground Chuck (1 LB Makes 3-4 burgers)
  • Sweet Onions 1 medium onion for each two pounds of meat)
  • Worchestershire Sauce (1 tbs per pound of meat)Finely chop onions, combine with meat and sauce in a large bowl. Mix thoroughly and form into patties slightly larger than bun and to desired thickness. Press thumb down in center of the patty to make a deep impression to prevent burgers from swelling. Cook on a medium hot grill for about five minutes per side. Cook to desired doneness making sure the temp. In the center reaches at least 170 degrees!

Those are the Top Ten Tailgate Tips from If you have one last tailgate Tip and you would like to be entered into the drawing for a professionally fabricated tailgate grill, enter to win here!