Trend To Try: Galvanized Steel Sheet Panels

Galvanized steel sheet is always popular in the outdoors, thanks to its sturdy nature and ability to handle the weather in style. And, it’s these same qualities that make the material a natural for use in the kitchen and other high impact interior locations such as table top and wall surfaces.

Galvanized steel sheet

Update your coffee table with the modern look of durable galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is also a magnetic metal. As such, it is naturally a great fit for utilization in memo boards, or back splashes and other surfaces designed to double as communications hubs!
Plus, don’t limit your creativity to traditional under-the-cupboard locations! In small spaces even the doors can pull overtime duty with a sheet of galvanized steel applied to the surface. Simply cut the panel to size and attach with a screw and washer! 100% durable door/message board. Done!
Galvanized steel sheet door panel
Another advantage to using galvanized sheet in your wall and door coverings is that it provides for simple clean-up and no worries about washing away paint in high use areas, such as that space behind the door handle that is constantly smudged!
A galvanized steel sheet panel can be purchased as small as  12″ x 12″ for less than $3.00, or up to 36″ x 48″ for less than $25!  And, if your space is very small, or if you want to make an architectural statement with geometric strips, the material can easily be trimmed to size. Even when used in small portions the strong metal can easily hold heavy clips when used with a good magnet, making movable vertical storage a true option in any space!
Galvanized Steel Sheet
If you love the idea of the magnet board but are looking for a little more versatility, it’s also a snap to make a movable magnet board by simply adding a piece of galvanized steel sheet to a favorite picture frame. Then, stand or mount the frame in any space from a kid’s room to the kitchen, to the entry way! (Or, give it to mom for Mother’s Day! She’ll love it!)
Galvanized Steel Sheet

Soften the look of galvanized steel with a pastel shade picture frame for an easy, movable, low maintenance message board