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Tuesday Tailgate Tip # 2

Tailgate Tip - LogoIt’s Tuesday, and that means a new Tailgate Tip from friends of OnlineMetals. Today’s tailgating tip comes from Doc of Montana, supporting the MSU Bobcats. Remember to submit your own tailgating tip for your chance to win a professionally fabricated tailgating grill!

There are three keys to a successful tailgate BBQ:
1) Location-If at a parking lot remember to check on the legalities first. It’s not very fun to end with a fine!
2) People- Whether you like it with family or like it with friends or both. Give them a weeks notice at least and no more than 2 weeks or you’ll loose the spontaneity and they’ll forget anyway. Text friends the day before.
3) The Food- I prefer Rib-eye steak, with a good dose of Salt, Garlic, Pepper and that dash of Basil then smear with butter after it’s seared and as it cooks. I prefer a pot-luck as well as it get everyone involved and committed.
That’s how we do it in Montana!

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