Cool Tailgate Tips

Tuesday Tailgate Tip – The Cool Tailgate Tips

cool tailgate tipsThis week’s Tuesday Tailgate Tip was submitted by a number of tailgate fans. Aside from the grill, the second most important tailgate equipment is most definitely a cooler. Here are a few cool tailgate tips on keeping drinks and foods cold while preparing for the big game!

My best practical space saver tip is to freeze water bottles to use in place of ice in coolers. It serves it’s purpose to keep it all cool but then is a needed beverage on the way home.
Dean from Kansas
Use dry ice when packing your cooler.  Pack the things you want to stay frozen or the coldest at the bottom of the cooler and condiments and drinks towards the top.  It keeps the perfect temperature in different zones of the cooler.
-Deanna from Illinois
When tailgating, instead of using ice to cool your beverages, use frozen water bottles. The bottles cool the other drinks in the cooler, and when you want to have the water, they are frozen and cold. No separate ice to worry about, and your drinks will be cold!
Gladimir from Florida

Thank you to all our submissions! Keep your drinks cold with these fresh tips!
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