Kest Schwartzman of Vagabond Metalworks is one of our favorite customers. She is part of a metalworking renaissance and creates unique, wearable, metal pieces of art.

We are excited to showcase some of Vagabond Metalworks’ creations. We hope it will spark your creativity and inspire your next project!

Based in Maryland, Vagabond Metalworks specializes in handcrafted, unique, easy to wear jewelry, masks, crowns and more. Kest is formally trained as a metalsmith and coppersmith. And she prefers to use Copper, Brass, and Stainless Steel.

The inspiration for her art originally happened because she needed a mask for a party. Utilizing her skill she created her own unique piece. That mask was a smashing success at the party. The popularity and praise inspired Kest to start her own company and follow her passion.

We asked her why she uses copper so much. Kest replied “I love copper. I love how forgiving it is, I love its flexibility, I love the way it moves, I love its strength, and the fact that once I’ve stopped moving it, it stops moving. Hell, I even love the way it smells.”

One of a Kind

Metalworking tips from Kest

We asked Kest for any tips or insights she wanted to share with aspiring metalworkers and artists. Here is what she had to offer.

  1. Train yourself not to try to grab things if they start to fall. The ground will be fine, but that thing is probably either hot or sharp, and you’re gonna want that hand later.
  2. Wear a mask when producing dust. Wear hearing protection ALL THE TIME – that damage adds up.
  3. One stupid mistake is fine. After the second one, it’s time to call it a day. Rest and come back tomorrow.
  4. Use the right size hammer. Your arm will thank you.
  5. If it’s not working, try hitting harder.

Those are words to live by.

Once again, we’d like to thank Kest from Vagabond Metalworks for speaking with us, sharing her amazing art, and being a fantastic customer! It is our incredible community of makers that makes our jobs fun!

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