Walking stick to fend off Zombies

Walking stick to fight off zombies!

Beware, dear readers! This Thursday is Halloween… All Hallows’ Eve… And you need to always be prepared and ready! What if you happen to encounter the undead? Should you find yourself face to face with a horde of flesh-eating zombies you will certainly require one of these in order to save yourself.

walking stick

But does the idea of moving within arm’s reach of the undead fill you with dread? It is a fair concern. Perhaps this pistol would do the trick instead of a walking stick?
walking stick

Remember to aim for the head

One of our customers is an undead solutions provider who manufactures defensive implements utilized in the process of eradicating zombies. They sent us these pictures along with the following message:

“Although I use mostly brass in my work, I’ve also purchased mild and stainless steel and aluminum cutoffs to make jigs and tools. The Walking Death Stick handle/pistol has a solid brass body and a barrel made from brass pipe from Online Metals, The nice thing about using heavier materials is that it gives the weapon some heft–it feels like a real gun. The rest of the cane is turned from Bocote, a fairly dense wood so the whole package feels really good in the hand.  The attachments are photos of a Zombie killing cane I call the Walking Death Stick. The body of the handle/pistol is about 90% original material and most of it came from Online Metals cutoffs.”

I have got to say from a metal working perspective these designs are first class and extremely impressive.  Great work and thank you to our talented customer for sharing!

The majority of all zombie survivalist will tell you to that the destruction of the brain is the only true way to neutralize the zombie and the key to putting them down for good.  So aim your Walking Death Stick high and Godspeed.

Happy Trick or Treating this week and please be safe out there!

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