What’s new and how to use it

The new Online Metals platform has been designed from the ground up based on the feedback from our fantastic customers and our own staff as well.

Change can be big! We’re bringing a host of exciting new features that you are going to enjoy and find useful! Among other things, the new site has a wide range of improved features including:

  • An improved Material Finder Tool
  • Filters to further aid your searches
  • More control, order data, and product origin information under My Account
  • The ability to easily order full size and custom cut materials
  • The ability to compare products with the click of a button
  • Customer reviews for individual products
  • Dramatically improved and expanded Product Guides
  • Useful information for sizing, weights, and strengths in our Learning Center

We’ve created the Web Walkthrough Video Series to quickly explain what’s new and how to use it. Check out the videos below, and as always, if you have further questions, please contact our customer service team.

1 – The Material Selector

2 – Using Dimensional Filters

3 – Project Lists and Favorites

4 – Product Guides

5 – Creating an account

6 – Adding/viewing  addresses

7 – Adding/viewing payment methods

8 – Placing an order

9 – Viewing your Order History

10 – Submitting RFQs

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