Newly Redesigned Mobile site

Now with faster speeds and touchscreen optimized browsing tools, our re-engineered mobile site will allow you to quickly search, learn, change up, and zero in to purchase your materials in a flash!

With reduced mobile load times and state-of-the-art shopping experience, we’ve aimed to deliver your materials needs, on-demand, 24/7 along with our commitment to unparalleled customer support.

In this article, we’ve outlined four new key functionalities that will vastly improve your mobile shopping experience and allow you to dive in with ease.

We appreciate your business!
-The Online Metals Team

3 Clicks to Material Success: The Improved Material Selector.

Need to locate a specific product right away? If you have been using our desktop version, you already know that the Material Selector is the key!

Our mobile Material Selector has built upon that success and altered it into a spring-loaded, mega time saving three-click process to get you the materials you need fast!

Tap the material, alloy, and shape you need in the Material Selector, then research & refine the filtered results in real-time.

Next Up: Tag You’re It with the New Filter Tool.

Leveling Up: Flexible Filter Results that are Seamless.

With easy to read and click filter tags, we’ve made your navigation to materials seamless.

Use text search to add or remove tags and refresh your search results in a blink.

Leverage maximum search powers by building your filter from the bottom up by specifying dimension, shape, or other special properties before the material when you need the extra flexibility!

Next Up: The Awesomeness of New Product List Pages

More Power for the Punch: Redesigned Product List Pages

A full redesign of product list pages provides less clutter with more relevant results in your results list.

Explore the drop-down list to zoom in on available lengths and dimensions. Zip down the sizing list to dive right into custom cut ordering in a flash!

Next Up: Prepare to be Impressed with the Product Page Overhaul

No-Nonsense Product Pages

No messing around here to help you make well-informed decisions!

View the product diagram and supporting images with simple swipes.

Determine MTR availability, and expand product overviews, technical specs as well as other information you want without an endless scroll.  Need to change up the length or order a custom?  Just expand the size list to continue!

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