What are the Poly Uses for Polypropylene?

“Poly” a greek word meaning “combining form,” and “many” is a great introduction to this product, that is itself, a formed plastic and one that can be formed into many useful products!
polypropylene materialPolypropylene is regularly used in thousands of manufacturing facilities to create countless things. From laboratory equipment housings, pump gaskets and numerous types furniture and even orthotics, Polypropylene is a reliable choice.
The material offers a good balance of thermal, chemical and electrical properties at a rather low cost.  It also has the ability to resist cracking and is very easy to fabricate with standard wood and metals working tools.  All Polypropylene can also be welded to itself which is a great feature when designing and building tanks and fume hoods.


Custom molded foot orthotic originally designed by the University of California Berkeley

This product is also utilized to manufacture orthopedic braces due to its unique ability to provide patients with the desired mix of rigidity and comfort.  The polypropylene sheets can be thermoformed at 310° – 325°F into the exact geometry of the patients arm or leg to easily provide a custom fit for maximum effectiveness.
COPOLYMER (In Black and Natural):

  • High impact resistance strength
  • Better resistance to cracking at low temperatures than Homopolymer Polypropylene
  • More pliable than homopolymer
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • No moisture absorption
  • FDA and 3-A Dairy compliant
  • This grade of used in chemical processing equipment


  • Appropriate for applications to 180°F (82°C)
  • Resists most acids, alkalis and solvents
  • Meets FDA 21CFR 177.1520
  • Thermoforming performance
  • USDA, NSF and 3-A Dairy Complaint (natural color only)
  • Chemical- and corrosion-resistant
  • No moisture absorption
  •  Great for chemical tanks and food processing equipment
  •  This is O&P grade commonly used to make orthopedic braces
  • Also very good for die cutting reciprocating pads

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