Two of the most common questions we get are “what’s an MTR?” and “how do I get MTRs?” Easy answer on both counts!

The quicker answers

What’s an MTR?

It is short for Mill Test Report. It’s also sometimes called a “certified mill test,” “mill test certificate,” or “material test report.” In short, it is a quality assurance document that verifies the chemical and physical properties of the metal in question, what international standards it meets, where it was made, and what its batch number is.

How do I get MTRs?

During the checkout process, there is a box you can tick to request them. If you already have the order placed, log in to your account and pull up the order and there is an option to download the MTRs for the order there. You can find a visual demo of this in our post, MTRs On Demand!

The fuller answers

What is it?

MTRs are different than Certificates of Compliance. A “C of C” simply verifies that the material in question will meet any standards listed, and that it is what the vendor claims it is. An MTR is much more detailed. They are also typically only available for metals. Plastics and carbon fiber products usually only have C of Cs.

It will list the country that the raw material was melted in. It will list the country that the final product was made. MTRs list physical properties, as well as the exact chemical makeup of the material. It will list any specifications the material meets from organizations such as ASNI, ASME, ASI, etc. Lastly, it will also have the “heat lot” of the metal. This shows which batch it was manufactured in by the mill.

One thing to be aware of is that there is no industry standard on what an MTR looks like. That would make life too easy for everybody. So each cert will look different depending on what company made it.

Here are a couple examples of different MTRs for similar aluminum products. Each is from a different manufacturer.


Three MTRs from different companies for similar aluminum products

Where is it?

The tick box to request MTRs is on the same page as the Special Handling Instructions. If, for some reason, you don’t see the tick box, that’s ok. Our customer service team can assist.

If you already have the order you can download the certs directly from the order page once you log in. If you don’t see that option or the certs aren’t downloading properly, we can still make it work. Drop an email to [email protected] with the order number and our Quality team will be able to get those for you.

How much do MTRs cost?

Most of our MTRs are offered free of charge. This is a service we are proud of, since most metals vendors require payment for all of their certifications. Some of our more specialist materials do have extra costs associated with them. But those are a small portion of our catalog, and we will always ask you before charging the extra money.

Specifically, MTRs for bronze metals typically cost over $325 and take 2-4 weeks to receive. This is because the manufacturer has to destroy another bar from the same lot as part of the testing. They also only do the additional testing on request, hence the time lead.

Some of the specialist materials such as our metal foils, wire, and shim stock, cost an additional $25 for the MTRs. Also, those certs must be requested at time of purchase, not afterward. This is a requirement from our supplier.

Lastly, our threaded rods do not have full MTRs available. They do have Certificates of Compliance, but those do not have chemical or physical properties listed on them. The C of C for those materials cost $15.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but hope the extra clarification helps avoid problems.

If you have any further questions about MTRs, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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