Maker Faire Poster Example

Maker Faire: The Why and How to Join the Movement

Maker Faire Poster Example
Maker Faire was born in the in the offices of MAKE Magazine in San Mateo, California. The editors of the print publication envisioned an interactive and educational experience where any kind of “Maker” could attend.
Makers come from all kinds of backgrounds and technical expertise. Some are hobbyists who enjoy creating things themselves for fun, others set out to be big thinkers of their generations.
Regardless of each Maker’s interests, all attendees arrive ready to explore new ideas and to make new connections. Most importantly, everyone is ready to learn hands-on.
Something for the Startups:                                        Say you’re a small, ambitious startup company with high hopes and big dreams.  Yet, you’re struggling to market your innovative ideas.
 “Many Makers say they have no other place to show what they do other than at a Maker Faire.”
A Maker Faire is an enormous network of Makers that come together to share Startupsideas through engaging demonstration. At a Maker
Faire, attendees may find traditional art forms and styles but innovation makes up the core of the Faire.
“The goal of the event is to make visible the projects and ideas that we don’t encounter every day.”
Something for the Masses:                                               As children, the science fair was the one event that would pair in-class learning with show and tell. This timeless event had the power to paralyze presenters with fear or inspire an entire classroom to create.

Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do.”

How do I Start a Maker Faire in my City?                                                                                                              To start your own Maker Fiare, check out the application. Starting a Maker Faire take a lot of planning, vision and communication. But in the end, its so worth it. Plus, you’re not alone. Last year, over 119 maker faires took place internationally. For more information, check out Maker Faire’s website.
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